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Antique Appraisals

Gary Reynolds Studios   /    Furniture Makers and Designers

                          Located in the foothills of western North Carolina since 1979

Our Appraisals are not "off the cuff" appraisals, but detailed, thoroughly researched appraisals that consist of (a) Printed Media Research, (b) Internet Research, and (c) an evaluation by at least two experts in antique furniture sales and marketing.  We photograph and catalog each item to be appraised and conduct that appraisal from those documents to insure that no unauthorized person visits your home.

Our Evaluations Portfolio consists of a detailed analysis of each piece of  furniture, antique or not, that you wish to have included.  Each piece is given an evaluation as to its general age, type of wood, type of finish, and overall condition, noting any specifics that relate to that piece.  This Portfolio is provided to the customer in video tape format with photographs provided to you on a  Memory Stick, Compact Flash Card,  or CD if desired.  This video taped Portfolio is given to you at the time of the evaluation and never leaves your possession.  This insures that no unauthorized viewing of your home or its contents is possible.


Key Benefits

bulletInsures greater fairness and accuracy in insurance valuations and claims
bulletGreatly simplifies estate planning and equitable distribution
bulletMore reliable and acceptable to insurance companies than doing it yourself
bulletAffordable and prompt service
bulletContact us via  Email for quick answers to your questions




Basic Video Taping Service:  A basic service that records the contents of your home using the latest audio visual equipment and data storage devices.

Per Home


Complete Evaluation Service:  This service includes video taping and analysis of each piece of furniture you wish to have cataloged into your portfolio.

Per Home


Appraisals:  Appraisals are a "stand alone" service that can also be incorporated into either of the above options.

Per Article  



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